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Pennyweight Pro is a business solution for the precious metals industry leveraging mobile technology to buy, sell, track inventory via bar codes, and provide real-time reporting capabilities for police reports, inventory reports and more. Pennyweight supports multiple employees, sites, and storage locations in a single company with a secure cloud infrastructure.
QiNotes is an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution for acupuncturists that enables practitioners to streamline the process of appointment scheduling and electronic data capture of patient details and visit information. QiNotes supports multiple employees in a single practice with a secure cloud infrastructure.
RoundAbout allows users to identify specific points on a map, tell their story, upload images & other media, and share their travel experiences in an easy to use interface. Discovering history and your surroundings becomes easy by simply following your route as you travel through the country, your hometown or to and from work.
Pesticide & Field Records delivers electronic record keeping capabilities for farmers and commercial spray applicators. Capturing date, time, geo-location and other pesticide & spray treatment details becomes simple. Easily generate treatment detail and summary PDF reports for printing or sharing.
AereproPilot Log is a professional grade, easy to use electronic flight log book. Use it live in flight or quickly enter your flight data while relaxing in the pilot's lounge. Pilot Log reminds you when your medical checkups are due and makes annual insurance form completion a breeze with advanced reporting capabilities.