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Apple Continues to Innovate With iOS 7


After Apple released the new iOS 7 look and feel to mixed reviews in June, many changes have been made to the User Interface design. The mid-June WWDC keynote release unveiled a completely flat interface, devoid of texture, shadows, and even buttons. The 180-degree turn by Apple shocked many, and left room for plenty of criticism.

Over the course of six iOS 7 betas, Apple has reinvented the iOS 7 vision, bringing back hints of depth and shadow. The beta releases have revealed a return to buttons, which many had feared were a thing of the past on iOS. The use of buttons in a very modern, flat style lends this iOS some much needed clarity when it comes to user interaction. The recent beta releases have also shown much improvement in the presentation of action sheets, popovers, and alerts. Action sheet confusion was a huge concern for early beta users. Apple has also re-introduced color icons in settings, rounded rectangles for search bars, and subtle shadows throughout, making for a vastly improved user experience.


It is refreshing to see such a massively successful company continue to innovate while listening to user feedback. If the iOS 7 beta process is any indication, the final product will be a drastic improvement on the initial release, and further proof that Apple is here to stay as we move into the next generation of mobile user experience.

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