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iOS 7 – Just Flat, or Simply Better?


Often criticized for an inability to innovate post-Jobs, iOS 7 symbolizes Apple’s attempt to answer the call. Upon the removal of Scott Forstall as Software Designer, Apple handed the reigns of the new interface to Jony Ive, the creative mind behind the revolutionary look and feel of Apple hardware. Some have speculated that Ive revamped the interface to compliment his iconic iPhone design, toning down the literal imagery and depth of the previous interface. Nonetheless, iOS 7 will turn heads, and the overhaul is sure to represent a very important moment in Apple history.

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LinkedIn Releases New & Improved iOS App Experience

LinkedIn has recently released a new, native app for iOS with a revamped interface and a much improved user experience. The overall look and feel has received a much needed overhaul, moving in a direction of a lighter and more modern presence. The new iOS app has been rebuilt from the ground up for a truly native experience, which allows the app to move at a much faster pace and avoid the dreaded download time often experienced on a web-based platform.
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3 Reasons to Avoid or for Your Mobile App Backend

by Shaun Williams, Rade | Eccles VP of Software Engineering

As mobile apps make the transition from consumer oriented products to an enterprise investment in efficiency and productivity the basic requirements of an app are fundamentally changing. In the past few years Rade | Eccles has seen a trend moving from most apps not needing database capabilities, to needing those capabilities, and now needing those capabilities in the cloud and accessible by many thousands of users simultaneously.
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Mobile User Interface Design Resource:

Today’s resource feature spotlights, a simple yet invaluable resource for mobile user interface designers. The website gives iOS interface designers a comprehensive list of all the fonts that are currently native to the iOS SDK and interface building programs like XCode. One cool feature allows users to filter the font list based on the different versions of the iOS SDK, documenting the evolution of native fonts provided by iOS. When looking for some typographic inspiration for your next interface design, is a fantastic place to start!

The Mobile App Revolution

Throughout the last few decades, the internet, through wireless connectivity, has firmly solidified itself as the preferred medium of commerce. Today, mobile apps offer a whole new arena of user experience, and most importantly a level playing field for innovation. Early adapters in this space are thinking way outside the box, and the most successful companies are innovating like they never knew the box existed.
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Moving objects in an NSMutableArray

A glaring omission from the NSMutableArray class is the ability to move an object from one index to another. There are methods for adding and deleting objects but not for simply moving. One great approach is to use a category on NSMutableArray. When we were looking to optimize our code we found a very well documented blog post on this topic so we’ll just point you to our original source. It’s quite useful and very simple to implement.

Convert SQL Statement to an NSPredicate for use with Core Data


Translate a SQL statement with multiple conditions into an NSPredicate for use with Core Data


The Rade | Eccles team is hard at work to release another fantastic financial utility app very soon that EVERYONE who spends money can use. This app is using Core Data to manage the data store. As a developer I have been using SQL for roughly 20 years. SQL and databases are second nature to me. Core Data has a fantastic ability to abstract out the complexities of dealing with a specific database product or even the use of raw SQL statements which is great for those who don’t have much database experience.
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Using the Disqus API with Objective C


Provide an Objective C example of implementing the Disqus API.


Recently Rade | Eccles developed a blog reader app for a website which uses Disqus as a commenting platform. We had a requirement to allow users to post comments from the app directly to the website’s Disqus sytem.

What is Disqus? (

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Create Your Own Unique Device Identifier (UDID)

Apple may have deprecated the UDID but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to unqiuely identify a device to your app. The most important thing about a custom UDID is ensuring uniqueness. Each device has a phyical MAC (Media Access Control) that is globally unique. If we base our custom UDID on the MAC address we can ensure uniqueness.

At Rade | Eccles we create an MD5 hash based on the MAC address and the bundle identifier. This gives us a unique ID for a device/app combination. In some instances we need a UDID that is global across multiple apps. In those cases we create the hash only based on the MAC address, not the bundle identifier.

We implement this functionality as a category on UIDevice which helps to mimic the original native functionality. The actual implementation looks like this:
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