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The Application Lifecycle

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Rade | Eccles uses variations of industry standard development methodologies streamlined for iOS app development to focus on transforming your idea into reality through a collaborative approach. We will guide and consult with you during each step of the development process first by listening to your input then offering our expertise and advice to help shape your app into a complete success.

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Our App Philosophy

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At Rade | Eccles we believe that user experience is the core foundation to a successful iOS app. By providing a positive user experience we can ensure customer satisfaction and user retention resulting in an actively engaged consumer. Engaged consumers are eager to help spread the word about your app which further increases your reach. We focus on user experience throughcareful analysis and design from a user perspective.

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A Mobile Platform Analysis

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When a business or an individual makes a conscious decision to pursue a mobile application strategy a common assumption is that an app needs to exist on as many platforms as possible. In an ideal world, time, money, and human resources would be of no concern and it would be possible to create a native app that leverages the very best features and capabilities of each targeted platform.

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Rade | Eccles Maintenance & Support

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Launching an iOS app in the App Store is just the beginning of providing a great user experience and enhancing your brand in the mobile community. Regular maintenance updates are required to maintain a healthy and vibrant app that properly represents your brand and maximizes your return on investment. End users expect quick and easy access to technical support and to have their questions and issues answered and resolved in a timely manner. Cultivating a 4 to 5 star rating in the App Store requires not just a well designed app but a commitment to customer service.

Rade | Eccles can help you manage required maintenance updates, customer service, and your image in the App Store with an annual maintenance and support agreement.

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Maximizing Your App ROI

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The best way to maximize your app ROI is to clearly define measurable goals and objectives, collect data for analysis, and actively take steps to positively influence the results. There is no magic formula for calculating app ROI as the goals and objectives of an app vary from one to another and often depend on its purpose but following these three steps will help you get the most out of your app.

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