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There are many facets of mobile apps to consider before undertaking a design and development project. An effective mobile strategy is not a one-size-fits all approach. The best solution for one client is not the same as another and understanding which direction to take can be very confusing.

Topics such as platform vs native vs web development, monetization & revenue model, device licensing, enterprise integration & device management, data security & privacy, demographic, marketing & public relations, support & maintenance, a host of other considerations are all changing frequently with new market and technological influences.

Our one to two day strategy workshops are tailored towards answering many of these questions and others you may have before embarking upon mobile development for yourself, business, or company.


Ideas are limitless but reality is constrained. Our collaborative blueprinting process bridges the gap between idea and implementation. We ferret out your requirements through an iterative, interactive approach and document the findings in a Blueprint Specification.

A good blueprint is required to ensure the execution of the development project remains on schedule, on time, and within budget. Our Blueprints are the foundation to a Rade | Eccles development project. They can also be taken in-house or provided to a 3rd party developer if desired.

UI/UX Design

A successful mobile app should not only look great but provide value-added functionality while maintaining a simple and elegant user interface. This can be a challenge for many developers especially as complexity has increased in the wake of widespread adoption of mobile apps for small business and enterprise use.

Our design department creates elegant user interface elements such as icons, buttons, splash screens and other assets to match your brand or theme. Our technical team has extensive experience in business process design. Both teams work closely together to craft a great user experience and ensure business processes & user workflows are as simple and efficient as possible.

iOS & Web Development

Apps are transitioning from a consumer-centric novelty to a business-centric value proposition. Complete business solutions require mastering the mobile front end, a cloud driven back-end, and often times a website for administrative and/or end user functionality and must present a cohesive design, interface, and user experience across all platforms.

Whether your app is a simple and straight forward app or a complex business solution you can benefit from our experience. Advanced business requirements such as hardware interfacing, bar code & scanning capabilities, private cloud-based data storage (multi-device & multi-user shared data), offline functionality, and systems integration with SAP and other ERP or legacy systems and websites are no problem for our design and development teams.

Maintenance & Support

Launching an app is just the beginning. Providing a direct line of communication to the end user to report bugs, ask questions, and interact with to close the feedback loop is critical to maintaining a quality product. All inbound communications are collected in our case management system and prioritized for resolution by our customer service department.

Critical defects are always handled immediately while forced compatibility upgrades and other medium to low impact defects are resolved with a quarterly maintenance release.

Our maintenance and support services manage the complete app maintenance lifecycle from incident identification through development fix, quality assurance testing, and deployment according to defined service level agreements to ensure the best end user support possible.

Remote Developer Assistance

Multiple skill-sets rarely found in one individual are increasingly necessary to building a first-rate app or solution. Many developers today are independent contractors or part of a small in house team with limited resources for designing and/or building an app.

Though there are many fantastic developer resources such as and various developer forums, occasionally something more than what these resources can provide is necessary to build an app just the way it is envisioned.

Our design, art, and technical departments are available for additional support for you or your organization. From sketches to UI asset design, strategy to implementation, or nuts-and-bolts source code, debugging, and performance tuning we can help on a per incident or short-term basis through our Remote Developer Assistance program.