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LinkedIn Releases New & Improved iOS App Experience

LinkedIn has recently released a new, native app for iOS with a revamped interface and a much improved user experience. The overall look and feel has received a much needed overhaul, moving in a direction of a lighter and more modern presence. The new iOS app has been rebuilt from the ground up for a truly native experience, which allows the app to move at a much faster pace and avoid the dreaded download time often experienced on a web-based platform.

The revamped interface features a richer, more intuitive content stream tailored specifically for each user, showcasing news and activity updates from connections and influencers. This new interface lends itself to more user interaction, creating an experience that is much more familiar to users of other social media outlets. The re-design features a custom slide menu, which offers enhanced and personalized menu options for navigating the LinkedIn universe.

Overall, it seems that LinkedIn has truly adjusted to the expectations of their users. LinkedIn has long stood apart as a respected professional network, but in the past the user experience seemed to be less intuitive or user friendly than some of their more social counterparts. With the new application for iOS and an overhaul of their mobile website, LinkedIn has gained tremendous ground.

The new LinkedIn app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store. Let the endorsements begin!

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