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Maximizing Your App ROI

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The best way to maximize your app ROI is to clearly define measurable goals and objectives, collect data for analysis, and actively take steps to positively influence the results. There is no magic formula for calculating app ROI as the goals and objectives of an app vary from one to another and often depend on its purpose but following these three steps will help you get the most out of your app.

Some apps simply strive to make as much money as possible which can often be measured by tallying downloads or sales. Other apps have more complex objectives such as increasing global reach, engaging more consumers, or other targeted requirements which demand more detailed data points. Defining your goals helps to understand which key data points must be tracked and measured within the app to support your ROI calculations.

Setting Goals

You may have unique goals in mind for your app but in all likelihood your objectives include one or more of the following:

Maximizing Revenue

The most common goal is to maximize revenue through various streams such as app sales, in-app purchases, in-app advertising, or secondary revenue streams. Regardless of whether you have a paid app or free app; increasing revenue means creating awareness about your app through press releases, word of mouth, and other forms of advertising.

Increasing Global Reach

Tapping a vein of over 100 million iOS devices in over 130 countries can be a quick way to expose your content, products, or services to previously inaccessible consumers. Use your app to harness the marketing power of the App Store itself to increase awareness of your offerings.

Creating Engaged Consumers

Build brand loyalty by connecting with consumers in a fresh and exciting way that ads value regardless of the user’s name or location. Use your app to turn a positive user experience into a marketing mouthpiece in which users spread the word at a grassroots level.

Measuring Success

Once you have defined your goals we integrate automated data collection directly into the app to facilitate measuring your progress. User analytics can provide a geographic view of usage, new and active user trending, and user workflow. Session analytics offers insight into frequency of use, session length, and retention. Using custom analytics we can measure and track any specific data point you wish. A thorough analysis of combined user, session, and custom analytics can provide you the information necessary to make informed decisions on how to proactively influence your return on investment.

Influencing Success

Throughout the life of your app you may periodically review the metrics to make decisions about which changes to make in future versions. Knowing who uses your app, how it’s used, where it’s used, on which networks, and when, can be very powerful information. But you don’t need to wait until your app has collected metrics for an extended period of time before using analytics to positively influence your ROI.

Rade | Eccles leverages a reusable infrastructure built into every app we develop allowing us to gather usage data and other metrics. From this data we have identified patterns common to all apps that support increased ROI. Using this historical data we take steps beginning in the earliest phases of the app lifecycle to increase your ROI.

Ensure A Positive User Experience

We believe a successful app requires a positive user experience. The user experience begins with an app design that is simple and elegant. But a great user experience isn’t just about simplicity and elegance. A great user experience also demands value and quality. The app must add value to the user by offering something unique and it must function reliably, accurately, and efficiently. Finally users must have quick and easy access to technical support.

Our app philosophy focuses on user experience to promote a faster return on investment. Each and every app is carefully designed, built,and tested using these guiding principles.

Use A Phased Implementation

We prefer to bring an app to market using at least two phases of implementation. The first phase is designed to quickly bring an app to market by laying a foundation with basic functionality. We then follow up in the second phase with enhanced functionality and incorporate any user feedback received from phase one. Additional phases can be added as necessary.

A phased implementation reduces time to market and helps you achieve a higher return on your investment by connecting with users to improve quality and functionality.

Achieving Success

Increase your ROI faster by leveraging our historical data to improve your design and get your app to market with a phased implementation. Define your goals and objectives and let us translate them into measurable data points integrated into the app. Analyze the information obtained from the app to make future decisions; keeping your users engaged.

Completing these three steps with Rade | Eccles puts you and your app on the path to success and maximum return on your investment.

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