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Launching an iOS app in the App Store is just the beginning of providing a great user experience and enhancing your brand in the mobile community. Regular maintenance updates are required to maintain a healthy and vibrant app that properly represents your brand and maximizes your return on investment. End users expect quick and easy access to technical support and to have their questions and issues answered and resolved in a timely manner. Cultivating a 4 to 5 star rating in the App Store requires not just a well designed app but a commitment to customer service.

Rade | Eccles can help you manage required maintenance updates, customer service, and your image in the App Store with an annual maintenance and support agreement.

Why Maintenance?

Unlike traditional desktop or web based applications iOS apps exist and operate within a controlled environment curated by Apple.
Apple often introduces new operating system versions and hardware components to the ecosystem or updates the end-user and developer agreements. Changes to the ecosystem often require code changes to ensure proper working order, support new device & accessory interoperability, take advantage of new functionality, and maintain a presence in the App Store.

Occasionally Apple deprecates old code and functionality in favor of newer designs, techniques, and libraries sometimes forcing developers to update apps within a specific timeframe to avoid removal from the App Store.

End users will discover and report issues which need to be analyzed, fixed, tested, and re-submiNed to Apple. The speed at which new features, functionality, and issues are addressed has a direct impact on the perception of your app, and ultimately your brand.

Why Support?

End users will voice their perceptions, whether accurate or not, in the comments section and with the ratings system if not given a convenient outlet for support inquiries. More importantly, word of mouth can make or break an app. Part of maximizing your ROI is ensuring your end-users are satisfied and actively promoting your app to their friends, family, and colleagues. A prompt and accurate response to end-user inquiries and world-class customer service are some of the best ways to cultivate a positive rating and experience.

Rade | Eccles offers a customer support infrastructure giving rapid access to personalized service and support information in the app, on our website, and via email. Each customer inquiry is logged and tracked in our CRM system.

Rade | Eccles proactively communicates known issue statuses in the app and on our website often reducing the need for contact. End-users receive automated status updates as their case progresses from initial inquiry to a final resolution.

Why a Contract?

Providing prompt customer service and quickly addressing changes imposed by Apple requires time and effort. Typical customer service inquiries fall into one of three categories: questions/user errors, feature requests, and bug reports.

A basic customer inquiry and response typically involves at least 5 to 10 minutes of time to properly log the communication and respond to the user. Other types of questions or user errors involve several communications before ultimately reaching a conclusion and can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to resolve.

A simple bug report can require anywhere from 1 to 4 hours to resolve while more difficult issues involving crash log analysis, issue replication, debugging, testing, and resolution can take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours.

A typical app receives 6 to 8 inquiries per month and consists of a combination of the three main categories.
Forced compatibility upgrades as a result of changes to the ecosystem by Apple can range anywhere from simple user interface adjustments to larger efforts involving major graphics updates, forced migrations to newer functionality, and new bugs. These types of updates are less frequent (one to three times per year) but typically involve much more effort. Forced compatibility upgrades can range anywhere from 4 to 40 hours of effort.

Ensuring Success

Establishing a maintenance and support contract ensures prompt attention to customer inquiries, forced compatibility upgrades, and bug reports without the hassle of a typical estimate, approval, and invoice process.
Protect your investment with a fixed-cost maintenance and support agreement guaranteeing your app a presence in the App Store, maximum attention to bug fixes, and world-class customer service.


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