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The Mobile App Revolution

Throughout the last few decades, the internet, through wireless connectivity, has firmly solidified itself as the preferred medium of commerce. Today, mobile apps offer a whole new arena of user experience, and most importantly a level playing field for innovation. Early adapters in this space are thinking way outside the box, and the most successful companies are innovating like they never knew the box existed.

Mobile applications began as a novelty, a way to interact with friends in a completely new way, a new game, a way to find the best of what’s around you. Today, as more and more companies flock to fill this space, mobile apps for businesses are moving from novelty to necessity. Your customers expect you to be there, and if you aren’t they will undoubtedly find someone else who is. In 2012 and beyond, mobile applications are becoming the pinnacle of corporate identity and customer experience. Why? Because the best mobile applications make it easier to be your customer. Imagine the hotel chain whose iPhone application allows you to book your room, order room service, schedule wake up calls and cleaning times, and request more towels without dialing the front desk. Picture the casino conglomerate that highlights the best of their massively overwhelming operation and brings it street level, interfacing in a personal way with nearby potential customers in the maze of sensory overload that is Las Vegas, Nevada. It truly is a new way to interact, a new dimension of customer experience, and THE platform for corporate innovation.

The mobile app revolution offers a real opportunity for us dreamers too. Designers, developers, marketing firms, and aspiring entrepreneurs are one great idea and a solid sales pitch away from becoming a major player. Ironically, what separates us is the same as it has always been…Innovation, determination, and an uncanny focus on execution. Business minds, designers and developers are teaming up to combine the best ideas with the best looking user-centric interfaces. The market is ripe for those who follow thru, as businesses and corporations are lining up to place their brand, and most importantly their financial resources on the shoulders of the next great application. There’s never been a better time to dream big.

The best part of innovation is that we all win. The mobile application platform may be one of the last bastions of a truly free market, and in a free market no idea succeeds without benefitting millions of happy customers. Freedom of choice forces our hands as business owners and application designers to be better and create more, and at the same time offers an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling benefit. With solid innovation comes financial gain, but only when our innovation benefits the customers who make us what we are. Sound solutions are truly the currency of the future.

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